[iPhone Game]  "Martial Warz - League of Champions"

Martial Warz released for the iPhone is a social network game to play Fighter in the Champions League.


Launching Special Event !

Martial Warz - League of Champions
please attach a review in the United States or South Korea App Store with Game ID.
The first 50 people in each store will receive 20 crystals (Worth $2) sequentially.

Martial Warz is the one social network game based on martial arts training and fight also has an intuitive interface, easy for anyone to enjoy.

Martial arts training continues to become stronger. The goal is to be the strongest of the Champions League.

Martial Warz - League of Champions

Martial Warz - League of Champions

Martial Warz - League of Champions

* Feature

- Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, MMA, select three different types of martial arts
- Battle with other players through the real-time match
- Knight-errantry and business income obtained gold
- Improve the skills and abilities through training
- Building income growth and obtain additional skills
- Purchase support card and equipment enchant in shop
- Friend allies Increased power in battle
- Provide social network services through Free board and wall

To become a world champion, compete with your friends from all over the world.

Search as "martial warz" in the search box on the App Store. Then you will find the right.

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